Trainer in the Space of Possibilities

Portrait Georg Pollitt

Georg Pollitt

“As a trainer and coach of passion I am committed to your unique combination of dreams, ideas and skills. That is what people around you and the whole world needs from you. To accompany you and witness the unfolding and transformation is my greatest joy.”

In the creative area with music and theater, in the business world with software development and project management, in the social field through youth work, living and working in a community and as father of two sons, plus finally in the context of Possibility Management, Georg got to know many useful tools for new ways of being together and living your destiny effectively. His deep longing is to provide all this to single persons and groups in teams with other trainers from the Possibility Management Trainer Guild. Therefor he created the gameworld Space of Possibilities. If you want to know more about that or if you already feel that something about it attracts you, he invites you warmly for a getting-to-know conversation via phone or skype (please start with contact).

Portrait Felix Fulda

Felix Fulda

“I am time and again deeply touched to support other people to experience the spaces of extraordinary and archetypal love. Spaces of love, which are so authentic and powerful that they nourish all four bodies. In these extraordinary spaces we can consciously access all four feelings. And I feel joy when people empower themselves and step into their energy to create their life and this world responsibly. I love this planet.”

Felix is Possibility Management Trainer, landscape architect, gardener and artist. His strength is his presence in the space for what is really needed. The development of interpersonal levels had always been a matter close to his heart. In particular the transformation towards an authentic men culture, which only makes a genuine relationship with women possible. He envisions a world of people living in conscious connection with nature and founding communities, in which they live an initiation into adulthood.

Portrait Katharina Kaifler

Katharina Kaifler

“For me there is nothing like witnessing people arriving in themselves and their power. When this sparkling vitality flows through, they suddenly become clear and speak from the heart.”

Katharina is a communication consultant and qualified trainer at the Next Culture Research & Training Center. She works successfully as a free-lance communication consultant in advertisement and marketing for many years. Moreover, she gives trainings for groups and individual coaching for private persons as a passionate team player in different national and international teams. Katharina uses clarity, compassion and excitement to lead people to authentic communication, healing intimacy and change of perspectives.