Possibilities to Get to Know the Context

You can

  • Read more about the background;
  • Learn more about next culture and Possibility Management at www.nextculture.org;
  • Use further links, book and movie recommendations on the network page;
  • Order the book “The Power of Conscious Feelings” by Clinton Challahan for 20 EUR on the contact page and find many new distinctions and clarity about feelings inside;
  • Contact me (Georg Pollitt) for a free getting-to-know call for approximately half an hour (in general via phone or skype);
  • Experience the work in a Coaching for individuals or for couples;
  • Join a Possibility Team evening;
  • Register for a Rage Club;
  • Organize a talk or a short workshop;
  • Decide to take a big step and book the basic training Expand the Box;
  • Or discover something completely different (the possibilities are infinite) ...